Active Shooter Training

​                            For Civilian and Business Communities

Active Assailant-Run, Hide, Fight Seminar

The foundation of our program is to mentally prepare you for a workplace violence or Active Shooter incident, to enhance your security awareness, and to educate you on pre-incident indicators. This course is designed to provide information on how identify, predict, mitigate and respond to workplace violence, crime, and terrorism. This class will give the attendees the knowledge, based off of the most recent incidents in America on what to do and how to act. Statistical information regarding violent crimes in the United States is provided as an information source for understanding the rising tide of violence. In most cases, this training can be conducted in your regular work environment offering the most training potential for each employee, and will be customized to fit your personal or professional needs.

This course is offered in either a three (3) hour seminar consisting of an interactive presentation, or a five (5) hour seminar consisting of the three hour presentation and a realistic scenario based practical exercise. The course presentation is an overview of workplace violence and terrorism as it relates to client sites for identifying, mitigating, and responding to the active shooter threat.

Our program presentation will encompass the following:

  • Introduction and definition of active shooters and workplace violence
  • Overview of significant prior incidents as case studies and the pre-incident indicators to the acts
  • A review of situational awareness
  • Psychology of Survival
  • Analysis of the potential M.O.s relative to the various environments
  • A guided discussion of the potential actions to take during an active shooter incident and the expectation of success in selection those actions
  • Reporting Suspicious Activity
  • Target hardening and threat management
  • What to expect from the law enforcement response
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Shelter in place
  • Lock down drills

​The realistic scenario based exercise (included in the 5 hour seminar only) encompasses the following:

  • Real life scenarios placing the students in a simulated stress environment
  • A walk through with the students in a simulated work environment demonstrating proper evacuation, barricade, or self defense techniques
  • Role players and reality based interactive training
  • ​Overall debrief and critique of current safety response plan